Reactiv8 revolutionises learning by offering a holistic alternative education provision. From mentoring and Life Skills development to GB Boxing Awards, Health and Safety qualifications, Food Hygiene qualifications, Maths, English, British Military Coaching techniques, Employability Skills, and much more. Our comprehensive programme extends to cover vital subjects like Maths and English. What sets us apart is our unique Mindset Empowerment Programme which challenges people’s existing beliefs and perceptions, helps to break down barriers, and supports people to raise aspiration and fulfil their potential in order to achieve the life they deserve.

Our programmes are designed for students, adults, and those eager to advance their skills and knowledge, fostering an inclusive learning environment for diverse individuals and groups.

Turn Around
Experience education on your terms with 1-1 support, small group sessions, and engaging conference-style workshops held weekly. Our flexibility ensures a customised approach that suits your unique needs.

heading kickstart your life skills

Beyond academics, we emphasise the development of crucial life skills, preparing you not only for exams but for the challenges and opportunities that life presents. Reactiv8 propels individuals towards a future of knowledge, resilience and personal growth.

Unlock your potential

Whether you are an individual seeking help and support, or an institution such as a school, college, prison, job centre, or corporate company that wishes to discuss your needs, and see how Reactiv8 can help get you and or your institution back on track.
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