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Welcome to Reactiv8 – Your Gateway to Transformation! At Reactiv8, we believe in the power of personal and professional growth. Our innovative programmes challenge norms, reshape mindsets, and empower individuals and organisations to reach new heights. From dynamic corporate training to alternative education, life-changing initiatives in custody, and a diverse team with expertise spanning sports, martial arts, military, and education – Reactiv8 is your dedicated partner on the journey to excellence. Explore our transformative offerings tailored just for you and embark on a path of empowerment, achievement, and lasting success.

The founder Michelle has created the Get Inspired range of books.
A series designed to help you unlock your potential and help you live a life you deserve.
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Reactive provides the opportunity for people to fund and support a variety of causes like Education , Training, Self-Improvement, Technology, Food Parcels and Help setting up Homes.
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We strive to facilitate transformative journeys by challenging and reshaping mindsets, fostering personal growth, and providing comprehensive education and training solutions. With a commitment to diversity and excellence, Reactiv8 aims to be a catalyst for positive change. We work by the principle “under promise and over deliver” and it’s our results that give more value than the actual cost of the services we provide. You will get a team of people that are not only dedicated, but where passion is evident in helping to unlock the full potential of both individuals, teams or organisations, and fostering success in every aspect of life and business.
Reactiv8 had the distinct honour of hosting the Footlocker Global EmpowHered group, a landmark event that left an indelible mark on the participants and FootLocker’s global staffing team. The success was nothing short of amazing, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff who declared it the highlight of their global team week. Participants not only learned valuable insights but also left feeling more confident, inspired, and motivated to achieve greater success within the company. Reactiv8 takes pride in catalyzing such transformative experiences, empowering women to grow, thrive, and conquer new heights in their professional journeys.
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