Testimonial December 2019

At the start of the programme I was more out to cause problems but as I progressed through the program I came more out of my shell started trusting people being a more happier person with a lot brighter out look on life towards the end of the programme. At the start of the programme I felt suicidal no motivation no goal and as I progressed through the programme I found happiness motivation and start looking at life with a better outlook.

Chris Handley

Project Manager Criminal Justice & Commissioned Services OPPC Bedfordshire (August 2019)

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I was with the session I saw today and the way that the cohort were engaged. Great to see. I think the work you do is fantastic and I wish you all every success for the future.

Testimonial June 2019

“What you think about you bring about, lol…. 2 years on I still sing these guys praises. Amazing programme amazing people. Did more for me to help my PSTD than any therapy I did before I done the Reactiv8 programme. Not surprised to hear they still growing in strength. They helped me turn my life around. I found me. Keep up the great work all”.

Testimonial April 2019

Justin – “I’m still working the same job but my working conditions have improved a lot and I’m in a really good place. It’s all thanks to everyone at Reactiv8, and you’ve also helped to make a childhood dream a reality! I’ve had a few wobbles here and there, but I still apply the course material to every day of life, and I’m out there making things happen and living my best life. I truly believe that if I hadn’t met you and your team, I’d probably still be miserable on Universal Credit. You guys are still the best!”

(Employment Support Programme 2015/2016)

Update June 2019 – “My dream trip was incredible! I had the time of my life and I’ve just been promoted again! As of September I will be Trading Support Manager and am being relocated. With that, I’ll officially be on a salary and I’ve got a very handsome pay rise too, amongst other company benefits. Still living the best life.”

Testimonial November 2018

“It’s one year roughly since I completed my course c with you. I am still in full time employment, 3rd job but not been out of work a day just moved on to bigger and better things. I have all you guys to thank. Obviously still some issues that’s not changing over night but I know a lot is in the mind. I still write goals and use laws of attraction. I am definitely more happy and positive in my day to day life. Lost weight and pushing myself to do the London to Brighton bike ride next year. I just wanted to say a massive thank you and keep up the great work you do.”


Youth Support Worker

“I love the work that Reactiv8 delivers. Michelle is a fantastic leader and it is a pleasure to work with a company that believes in all of its clients. The work that Reactiv8 delivers, is done professionally and with the needs of individual clients considered at all times.”


Reactiv8 Mentor 

“This is the most invigorating, energising, and motivating course I have been on, not to mention the most dynamic organisation I’ve had the pleasure of working in.”

Department for Work and Pensions

Reactiv8 has delivered two very successful pilot programmes to the long term unemployed at Luton and Bedford Job Centres. Reactiv8 aims to give back to people a sense of identity, pride in themselves and freedom.

Norman (52) said “I’ve lost count of courses I’ve been on from the job centre. In all this time, this is the only course that has genuinely made a difference to me. A long term difference. If this had been a normal course, when the course finished that would have been it. However, just last week they took me for a haircut and to get some new clothes to wear to my upcoming interviews.”

Luton Reach For The Stars Programme

April 2014 – July 2015

Reactiv8, in partnership with Conamur have been rolling out the Reach For The Stars employment support programme, with radical transformation in the participants we are working with.

Riley – “If it wasn’t for Reactiv8 I wouldn’t have made these changes in my life. I’m now back on the school football team, have been allowed on the end of term school trip and am off report. Thanks to Reactiv8 for motivating me and getting my life back on track.”

Ruth – “The Reactiv8 programme has inspired and motivated me and I have actually secured a full time job yesterday thanks to reactiv8 supporting me and helping me.”

Fez – “I came out of jail a year ago and am glad I met Michelle and the team and completed the reactiv8 programme. It has literally saved my life. Michelle has actually taken me under her wings and has given me an opportunity to work with Reactiv8 going forward, which I am excited about!”

Manny (26) – “I now believe in myself, I never thought that I would be able to think in the way I do now. The programme has opened my mind and enable me to see things clearly. Michelle and her team have completely changed my life and I feel like a new person. I feel able to go and achieve my goals and dreams. Michelle actually cares about us and am so glad I met her in the neighbourhood and am thankful she came into my life.”

Elliott (26) – “Reactiv8 has made me a much more positive person and it has challenged me by taking me out of my comfort zone. We have learnt about the importance of self-talk and I believe my self-talk is building a better me.”

Dayne (19) – “Reactiv8 has motivated me a lot, and changed my perspective on life – it has showed me and taught me things I never even thought about. It has been the best course I have ever done.”

James (29)- “Michelle’s programme has helped me to open my mind up and show me a different way. The teamwork activities have helped me to come out of my shell and I have enjoyed taking part in Reactiv8’s programme – I feel on top of the world.”

Reach For The Stars Programme


Serge (23), Reach For The Starts Client said: “I’ve learnt about setting targets for myself to achieve a goal. I have also learnt about CV writing and writing covering letters, I am now able to organise myself and plan ahead. I have gained self motivation from the course and I am more confident”

Joff (22), Reach For The Stars Programme Client said: “This programme changed me as a person – it made me much more positive in my thinking and it made me realise the drive that was within me. It was brilliant.”

Goal Mapping and Success Workshop

March 2012

Reactiv8 hosted a workshop event at The Embankment Hotel, Bedford, with a focus on Goal Mapping. The event was led by David Jessop from Phoenix Coaching and Success Workshops, and an enjoyable and productive day was had by all.

Erin said, “Ever since the workshop, I have been so motivated and focused on achieving my goals and creating the changes in my life for the better. Thank you Michelle for hosting this event.”

Becky said, “I found the day inspiring and it has helped me to clearly see what steps I need to take to get what I want in life!”

Marian said, “Thanks to David for opening doors in my mind that enable me to take control of my thoughts and feelings, making me feel less stressed as a result.”

Young People Are Our Future Event

Bedford and Milton Keynes November 2011

Reactiv8 joined forces with Life Skills For Children and hosted two amazing events for the young people of Bedford and Milton keynes.

Josh (12) from Bedford said, “the activities were really great fun, and I learnt about keeping myself safe.”

Shelbee (17) said, “it was a great event that brought young people together and we had an evening of FUN – I even learnt to Zumba!”

Mary Wood

Assistant Headteacher, Mark Rutherford School

“Life Skills definitely makes a difference, it equips pupils with the tools needed to cope with everyday life and the confidence to use them. I would recommend this programme without reservation.”
Darren Freeman – Head of Science & Key Stage 3
Lincroft Middle School

“This has been one of the most useful, valuable experiences of his time at Lincroft and maybe his school life in its entirety.” – The mother of a Life Skills student.

“I’ve learnt to control my anger and how to push myself, I’ve learnt that respect is a two way thing.” – (Pupil C)

I have to ask myself ’Why is Life Skills successful and school has not been successful?’

Their belief is ’No excuse is good enough’. We have to rise above our problems and in some cases our misconceptions. Gary relates to the students, he builds rapport, with them. He gives them opportunities to talk, express anger and frustration in a controlled way. He earns their respect. He is successful!

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