Working Together - Businesses

Reactiv8 can provide you with a great opportunity to not only give you a committed young person, keen to want to learn your industry, but more importantly the opportunity for your business to give something back to your local community.  

This alone, would not only provide you with an extra pair of hands, and potentially new recruits to your business for the future, but will give status and credibility to your business, whereby having the opportunity to be recognised locally and nationally for your contribution to society through positive publicity.  

All businesses who get involved with Reactiv8 are advertised within our brochure, giving you potential to grow your business, giving you the opportunity to share your business and contact details free of charge, giving you an opportunity to network, where you will have a common link with other businesses, and giving you an opportunity for free advertising.  All of these will help increase your client database, reduce potential recruitment costs, ultimately improving your turnover.  Not only this, your business will be linked onto our website, giving you an opportunity to increase your advertising potential.   

Reactiv8 will provide you with a young person or persons suited to meet the needs of your business.  Effective, clear and transparent management of placements is a vital element of what we deliver, ensuring seamless communication between the young person's, home, school, and businesses, managed with unparalleled professionalism. 


We need a variety of businesses that can offer the opportunity for young people to be reactiv8ed back into employment, education, learning or training. 

Reactiv8 will provide on-going support for the young person and your business to ensure the alternative educational experiences are both a success for the young person and for your business. 

Do you:

• Operate in the Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire area? 
• Have a desire to work with young people? 
• Want positive publicity? 
• Want to give something back to your local community?


If the answer is YES to the questions above - Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.