The Team


As a team of self-employed professionals, we bring expertise from industries which include Teaching, Recruitment, Customer Service and Training, Military and Business Development. We listen to our clients and consistently deliver successful solutions.  Reactiv8 provides our clients with a practical and realistic approach, whether it be team building and confidence building or to reactiv8 them back into employment, education or training.  We achieve this with professionalism, honesty, hard work and humour.   

Michelle Crook

Managing Director / Tutor / Mentor

Conroy Downer  

Project Manager / Tutor / Mentor

Asifa Latoo

Support Tutor / Mentor

Amun Kalyan

Support Tutor / Mentor

Tricia Jordan 

Tutor / Mentor

Shaunte Harris 

Tutor / Mentor

Trish Caswell

Support Tutor / Mentor

George Hamilton

Support Tutor / Mentor

Kirsty Smart


Laura Simmonds

Head of Housing

Adam Clough

Housing Support Officer / Mentor

Rob Wery

Housing Support Officer / Mentor

Sam Bartlett

Housing Support Officer / Admin

Dawn Walton

Business Development Manager

Ramona McCormack

PA / Admin

Marian Brewer


Angela Bowdon

Admin / Website & Social Media Manager

Jamie Goss

Military Tutor / Fitness  Specialist

Gemma Hocevar

Volunteer Mentor / Admin Support